It becomes crucial to change the Username and password of Netgear deploying Mywifiext. It should be changed just right after the configuration of extender on the current network

This is done because the default username and password is quite easy to guess. Follow these steps to change the username and password are as under:

First of all, open the web browser like Google, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer of your choice on your computer which is connected to the range extender.

Then after that visit the login page of Netgear Extender. You can also visit the default page for entering the existing username and password.

After login, you have to go to the option of Password Settings.

Then you will see a new window that insists you to choose any one option out of two. Either you will discover “Change username” or “Password” Option.

After that, enter the new data in the fields.

At last, you have to press the “Save” option.

Finally, you have to login again with a new username and password.

Netgear Extender Troubleshooting to fix major Technical Issues

When Netgear Extender is showing Red light

Change the range extender’s location. Make sure you have to keep it in a position where no radio waves are there. Also there would be no reflexive material.

Make sure that your extender is a proper range of the existing network.

Change network settings to WPA2, if its WPA.

When Netgear Extender Not Working

This issue arises when the netgear wireless router is not connected to the internet. The slow internet speed can also create this issue. If the inaccurate partial setup is there, then it will also create issues. While troubleshooting, you can do rebooting of the extender. If this doesn’t work, then you can also reset this.

When wifi is not connecting to internet

For troubleshooting this issue, you have to keep your extender as well as router from reflecting gadgets.

Check the LED lights of extender and router. The red light indicates it is not connected to the router. In case if there is orange light, it shows it is connected to the router but there is no WAN connection.

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