Using Google Home is a great way to keep all of your home electronics in sync. But the question is: does Arlo work with Google Home? Arlo cameras, which have a variety of indoor and outdoor uses, as well as Arlo video doorbells, should be among them. To help you answer this question, this article will examine all of the cameras and video doorbells that Arlo has to offer in-depth. It will then make it simple for you to choose the one that will work best for your house. Go on read the blog to know more about Arlo support.

What is Google Home?

With the help of the handy Google Home app, you can easily manage your house from the palm of your hand. Would you like to observe what occurs in and around your home while you are away from it during the day? With the help of this practical application, you can monitor your house round-the-clock. You’ll be able to have even more control over what happens at home, even when you’re not there if you decide to connect Arlo com support to Google Home.

Which Arlo devices work with Google Home

Yes, many of our cameras and video doorbells can be easily connected to Google Home using Arlo. Google Home is compatible with the two Arlo video doorbells listed below:

Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell Essential

Essential Wired Video Doorbell from Arlo

There are a few Arlo cameras that are compatible with Google Home, all of which are top picks:

Arlo Pro 4 and Arlo Ultra 2

Essential Camera by Arlo

Arlo Indoor Camera, Essential

With our line of high-end video doorbells and cameras, Arlo has you covered whether you’re looking for a wired or wireless product to incorporate into your home.

The Advantages of Linking to Google Home

You can conveniently control your devices from the Google Home app, which is available for both Android and iOS when you decide to build your Arlo Google Home using our cameras and video doorbells. With Google Home, you can:

Set up a smart display with the Google Home app to stream video from your video doorbell or camera with ease.

When your video doorbell detects motion, you’ll get prompt notifications.

Automate the camera and doorbell on your Arlo system.

Give Google Assistant instructions that it will be able to understand.

Arlo Google Home Cameras: Additional Information

You will first need one or more compatible Arlo devices, the Google Home Hub or Chromecast device, and both the Google Home and Arlo apps in order to properly configure your Arlo Google Home.

Your home’s new security features will be operational and connected to your phone wherever you are using these three gadgets and apps.

Do I need an Arlo base station to use this?

Although installing an Arlo support Base Station is optional, doing so will help your video run more smoothly and make it simpler for viewers to access. Additionally, if you only use your local Wi-Fi, your saved video recordings won’t be as secure; anyone with your password may be able to access them.

How to configure your Google Home video doorbell or camera

Follow the steps listed below to configure all of your Arlo devices once you’ve installed the Arlo app, Google Home app, and Google Assistant on your smartphone or tablet:

  • Tap the “+” button after opening the Google Home app.
  • “Set Up Device” will be the first option. Toggle this.
  • The phrase “Have something already set up” should be tapped.
  • “Arlo” ought to now show up on the screen. Make this selection.
  • Simply enter your Arlo email and password to log into your account now.
  • After you enter your login details, Google will request access to your Arlo account. Press the “Allow” key.
  • All of your Arlo devices will synchronize to synchronize with Google.
  • All of your Arlo devices synchronized to synchronize with Google.
  • As each synchronized device appears on the screen, you must tap on it to choose the room in which you want to set up that device.

Now that everything is connected to your new Arlo Google Home, you should be able to use it whenever you like. Arlo support is very easy to use with these commands.

Several Practical Voice Commands

The following are just a few examples of the helpful voice commands that work with our products:

  • Ok Google, please snooze the [Device]
  • please display the front door camera.
  • Turn off the hallway camera

Okay Google, turn off the lights.

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